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Maximizing Financial Aid Eligibility with 529 Plans

The number one question many financial advisors receive about 529 plans is "How do they affect financial aid?"

With college tuition continuing to rise and the average debt load for an undergraduate degree at around $27,000 today, parents are concerned with how much a college degree will cost in the future and if they will even be capable of saving that money before their child graduates high school. It's natural for a parent to assume they are going to need some type of financial aid to pay for their child's education. The burden then becomes understanding the financial aid system and how any savings will impact their child's aid eligibility when the time comes.

In this one-hour Continuing Education course, financial advisors will learn what types of financial aid are available, how 529 plans impact the amount of financial aid granted, and what strategies can be used to help clients maximize their students' aid eligibility.

CE credit is 1 hour of General Principles of Financial Planning.

Getting Started

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