Chris Stack, Esq.

Managing Consultant,

Chris Stack, Esq. Managing Consultant,, is a nationally recognized 529 authority and experienced in educational finance. An attorney for over 30 years, licensed in New York & Pennsylvania, Chris has experience in finance, investments and law relating to tax- advantaged products, including Section 529, since it became federal law in 1996. As a partner at a major New York law firm, he advocated to his state clients the benefits of 529 programs and beginning in 1997 served as the principal or participating author for a number of states’ legislation establishing 529 programs, as well as amending various state statutes. He actively and successfully advocated and assisted in the 2022 federal tax law changes allowing for “leftover” 529 funds to be transferred to a Roth IRA. He assisted several states and plan managers implement their 529 investment plans that now service over $20B in assets.

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