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Saving For College Blog


College Savings by the Numbers

by Keith Bernhardt, vice president of college planning at Fidelity
Think about how much you want to save for college, the strategies you’re using to do so, and any extra steps you can take to boost your efforts.

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Are parents getting savvier about saving for college?
The results of two recent surveys reveal that there's still an opportunity for and financial advisors to educate families about the importance of including college savings in their overall financial plan.
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Should you use your employer-sponsored 529 plan?
Companies become more aware of the importance of financial wellness, some are also starting to help save for future college bills.
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Don't Let Your Student Loans Hold You Back – 5 Ways to Tackle Your Debt
Graduates are delaying major life milestones because of their student loan debt.
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Proposed Bill Would Change the Game
The Boost Saving for College Act (Boost) was introduced to the Senate at the end of April by US Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Bob Casey (D-PA). Boost is designed specifically to incent low- and middle-income families to start saving for college by enhancing 529 and 529A benefits.
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