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Saving For College Blog


10 things to do before you apply for financial aid

by Shannon Vasconcelos, College Coach
The FAFSA will be available October 1st for the 2018-19 school year . Learn about 10 steps to take before you apply to help maximize financial aid eligibility.

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The Pro 529 Evaluator is a tool designed to help financial advisors confidently recommend a 529 college savings plan to their clients. Compare fees, performance, state tax benefits and more.
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Millennials are saving more money than other generations, even with student loan debt. But itís what theyíre saving for thatís been making recent headlines.
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How to select a 529 plan
Learn how to select the best 529 college savings plan in four easy steps; has calculators, 529 plan rankings and ratings to help you.
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Top ten direct-sold plans
The highly-anticipated 529 plan rankings are here! This slideshow features our most recent top 10 list of direct-sold 529 plans for one-year investment performance. *Three-year performance rankings as of 06/30/2017
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