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Saving For College Blog


Understanding 529 expenses

by Joseph Hurley
An explanation of the four major categories of 529 plan fees and expenses and how to compare between plans.

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Using multiple 529 plans
There are several reasons why someone might want to open accounts in more than one 529 plan.
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How to select investments in a 529 plan
When setting up a 529 savings plan, you’ll need to choose an investment option. Learn about the three different types of options available and how they can help you meet your goals.
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Savings opportunities for students with special needs
Saving for a child’s or grandchild’s college can be complicated, but things become even more complex when that child has a disability. Learn about the different ways to plan for their future education and the best ways to save for it.
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Hillary Clinton's plan for free college: Will you still need to save?
Hillary Clinton recently introduced an expanded proposal to her original “College Compact,” which would make college more affordable and outstanding debt more manageable. But how realistic are the proposals? Do they go too far, or not far enough?
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