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College Savings Tips with Julia Shields-Rutyna

Join Brian Boswell and the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA)ís Julia Shields-Rutnya for a live Facebook event, Tuesday, February 28th. Brian and Julia will be taking questions from the audience on topics like 529 plans, financial aid and more.

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How to Achieve the College Dream Live Q&A Event
Some students who perform well academically, but are hesitant to apply to selective colleges because of their social or economic backgrounds. In this live Q&A event, Maria Carla Chicuen, author of Achieve the College Dream, offers practical advice on how students of all income levels can make their dream school a reality.
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6 things to consider when selecting an ABLE account
529 ABLE plans help individuals with disabilities save tax-free for future expenses without forfeiting benefits. Here are 6 things to know before choosing a plan.
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The importance of summer vacation in the road to college
The most selective universities often require applicants to write at least a short paragraph describing the academic or extracurricular activities in which students have participated during the summer vacations throughout high school.
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How to select a 529 plan
Learn how to select the best 529 college savings plan in four easy steps; has calculators, 529 plan rankings and ratings to help you.
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