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Saving For College Blog


A guide to applying for scholarships

by Lulu Curiel
This guide will help you navigate the world of college scholarships and win the awards you need to pay for your school of choice.

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New tool helps you pick the best investments for college
Just like your 401k or IRA, your 529 planís performance will be based on its underlying investments, so itís important to select the right combination of potential risk and reward to meet your needs.
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Understanding 529 expenses
An explanation of the four major categories of 529 plan fees and expenses and how to compare between plans.
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Using multiple 529 plans
There are several reasons why someone might want to open accounts in more than one 529 plan.
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How to select investments in a 529 plan
When setting up a 529 savings plan, youíll need to choose an investment option. Learn about the three different types of options available and how they can help you meet your goals.
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