What is a 529 College Savings Plan? (Script)


What is a 529 College Savings Plan?

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Well in my opinion, a 529 plan is the best college savings program going for a lot of American families. 529 plans are investment accounts offered by the states and they are available to anyone wishing to save for college, whether its for the traditional four year degree or for an adult planning to take classes at the local community college in the future. Because of a special tax exemption under Internal revenue code section 529, along with state tax breaks and other benefits, 529 plans have become extremely popular, and they now hold more than $200 billion in college savings, spread over 11 million accounts. Nearly every state has a 529 plan and no two 529 plans are exactly the same. In addition to 529 college savings plans, a few states and a group of private colleges offer another type of 529 plan commonly referred to as prepaid tuition plans. You can shop around for the plan that is best for you, because the state you choose to invest in makes no difference in where your child eventually attends college. But be sure to take a look at your own state's 529 plan first because state residents sometimes get extra benefits. To compare different 529 plans, including their investment options and fees and expenses, use our website at

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