Benefits for beneficiary attending private or out-of-state institution

Plan Benefits for beneficiary attending private or out-of-state institution:
Stanley G. Tate Florida Prepaid College Plan
The value of the plan purchased may be applied toward the costs at any Eligible Educational Institution. Benefits are paid out at the current rates paid to public colleges or universities in Florida at time of usage, per actual Plan purchased. Plan Details
College Illinois! 529 Prepaid Tuition Program
Equal to the average mean-weighted credit hour value of public in-state costs at the time prepaid tuition benefits are used. Plan Details
Maryland 529 -- Maryland Senator Edward J. Kasemeyer Prepaid College Trust
The plan will pay the actual tuition up to either the weighted average tuition in the Prepaid College Trust plan purchased or the minimum benefit, whichever is greater. If the beneficiary receives a scholarship, grant, or tuition remission, the plan will pay any remaining tuition up to the scheduled benefit. Plan Details
Participating public and private institutions in MA are covered by the U.Plan. Use at non-participating and out-of-state institutions provides a return of principal plus interest compounded annually equal to the Consumer Price Index. Plan Details
Michigan Education Trust
Weighted average public tuition if used at in-state private colleges and the average public tuition if used out-of-state. Plan Details
Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (MPACT) Program
Weighted average tuition and mandatory fees at Mississippi public institutions, not to exceed actual tuition and mandatory fees. Plan Details
Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program
Weighted average tuition at in-state Nevada public institutions, limited to actual tuition incurred, less $25 one-time, out-of-state school processing fee. Plan Details
Private College 529 Plan
Refunds for any reason (including attendance at a non-participating institution) provides a return of contributions adjusted by program fund investment performance not to exceed plus-or-minus 2% annualized. Enroll Now
SMART529 Prepaid Tuition Plan
West Virginia
Contract benefit value is based on the current tuition value which is the weighted average tuition and mandatory fees at WV public institutions Plan Details

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