College Savings Month - Reaching your goals with a 529 plan

College Savings Month

Date and Time:

Recorded September 13, 2018

About the Webinar:

September is National College Savings Month and we offered a free, one-hour webinar to help answer your questions about 529 plans and the best ways to save and pay for college.'s Katie Flynn and Matt Toner helped you understand what you need to know to get started with a savings plan, and took live questions. By the end of the recording, you will know:

  • The unique advantages of 529 plans and how they work
  • How 529 plans can be used to save for K-12 private school
  • What to consider when selecting a 529 plan, including FDIC insured 529 plans
  • How to open a 529 plan, including selecting your investment options
  • Why you shouldn't worry about how your 529 plan will impact financial aid (Hint: 529s receive favorable treatment on the FAFSA, compared to other accounts)
  • How you can avoid paying unnecessary taxes and penalties when you withdraw from your 529 plan

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