Student debt


Parents vs. politicians on cutting college costs

One of the few things the 2016 presidential hopefuls agree on is that the cost of higher education and rising levels of student loan debt have become major issues. Learn more.

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4 things you can do to get ready for student loan repayment

When your first student loan statement arrives in the mail, you'll want to be prepared so that you and your budget will be ready to make your first payment on time. These four steps will help get you ready for your first student loan payment.

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Is student debt motivating young parents to save for college?

While the common perception is that student debt is a barrier to college savings, new survey data suggests it may actually have a positive effect on young parents' drive save for college.

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It Pays to Start Saving: 5 Ways to Get Started Now

Saving 100% of what you need for college may be difficult, any savings will open options and reduce the need to take on student debt.

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How to pay off student loan debt while saving for the future

Over 40 million Americans have student loan debt. Is it possible to build savings while paying down your loans? Guest blogger Robert Farrington, Founder of The College Investor, tells us how.

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[PODCAST] Melinda Lewis on the relationship between college savings and student debt

Just how much of an effect does a college fund have on the likelihood that a student will have to borrow? In this podcast, Kathryn Flynn and Melinda Lewis discuss new research on the relationship between saving for college and student debt.

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Will the Student Aid Bill of Rights help your family?

Last week President Obama signed a presidential memorandum outlining a plan intended to help dissolve the student debt crisis. The Student Aid Bill of Rights focuses on four key issues related to helping students pay for college and helping graduates manage and repay their student loans.

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