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A High Schooler's Guide to Preparing For the Ivy Leagues

While theres no set guideline that will lead you to a successful admission into the Ivy League, there are four things to focus on during your high school career that could increase your chances of getting in.

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5 simple ways to teach a young child about college

How exactly do you talk about college with your kindergartner?

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Six steps to landing in the Ivy Leagues

If your child has their hopes set on attending an Ivy League school, it's important to start preparing early on. Lulu Curiel of Ivy Advisors shares six tips to pave your path to the Ivy League schools.

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5 tips to crafting the perfect essay

College admission essays fill the gap between you and your test scores. Learn useful strategies when crafting your essay:

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4 things to watch out for when applying to a top school

If you have high hopes for sending your child to an Ivy League college, watch out for these common mistakes that can cost your child an acceptance letter.

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How younger students can build a competitive profile for the Ivy League schools

It's never too early to start thinking about your child's college application. Here are some things you can do now to prepare your child for the Ivy League.

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