Don't save for retirement: When to ignore traditional college savings advice

As college costs continue to rise, it might be smart to divert some of your retirement savings dollars into a college savings plan. Without savings, middle-class families have few options besides taking out large student loans. Learn how you can put away money for college and without compromising your retirement.

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Don't Let These Myths Muddle College Savings

See the results of Fidelity recently College Savings Indicator Study.

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#TBT College savings: Then and Now

For the past nine years, Fidelitys College Savings Indicator Study has revealed just how much American families are putting away for college. Read more.

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What you need to know about President Obama's 529 tax proposal

In light of President Obama's recent proposal to eliminate the federal tax benefits of 529 plans, here are the facts on the proposal as it currently stands, as well as some ideas on how you can take action against it.

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The 2014 Annual College Savings Survey Results

The Annual College Savings Survey was designed to shed light on consumer beliefs and actions in relation to 529 plans. The results uncovered a number of key findings that we are excited to share with our readers in a new series of blog posts.

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America's Parents Get a B-Minus on Their College Savings Report Card

When we asked parents to grade their college savings progress, they gave themselves a B-minus. While theres definitely room for improvement to bump that to an A, we found that many are taking steps in the right direction, with more families saving in 529 college savings plans (up 5% from 2012) and 61% having a financial plan in place to help reach college goals.

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