College tuition


Parents vs. politicians on cutting college costs

One of the few things the 2016 presidential hopefuls agree on is that the cost of higher education and rising levels of student loan debt have become major issues. Learn more.

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Tuition prices of top football colleges: AP Top 25 Poll

Since a football scholarship might not be in everyones future, weve listed the tuition prices of the schools that made up the AP Top 25 Poll in week eight.

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100 weird scholarship ideas

Worried that your student is out of the running to receive scholarships to help pay for college? Fear not! There is plenty of scholarship money out there - you might just have to get a little creative.

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How to pass the college affordability test (CAT)

Many students and parents invest time and money preparing for the SAT and ACT but dont give much forethought to passing their own college affordability test (CAT). Wendy David-Gaines discusses ways families can begin prepping for their own CAT.

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