5 habits of successful college savers

If you're looking to maximize your savings potential, there's more to it than blindly socking money away. Here are six habits of truly successful college savers.

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5 tips to keep your back-to-school grocery budget in check

Here are some tips on how to feed your family this school year without going broke.

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Top 10 financial mistakes millennial parents make

Millennials carry a heavy student debt burden, worsened by the effects of a tough job market. And now they're having babies. Here are the top mistakes that will prevent these young parents from meeting financial goals.

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Will you spend too much this 4th of July? Depends on where you celebrate.

According to Wallethub, the average household is expected to spend around $346.50 on Independence Day this year. Costs will add up quickly, especially if you plan on traveling. Here is a list of the best (and worst) cities to celebrate the 4th of July this year.

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10 expert savings tips to make the most of summer

Now that summer's finally here, are you planning a busy and fun-filled next few months for your family? Here are 10 tips from the experts to help you plan for a memorable summer without draining your bank account

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4 Ways Families Are Tackling High College Costs

According to Sallie Mae's annual How America Pays for College study that was released last week, families are getting the message about saving early for college. Learn more here.

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Top four savings essentials for young families

Having kids and the expenses to go with them can sometimes put savings goals on hold. Whether your first baby just arrived or your oldest is headed to middle school, its never too late to get your familys savings plan back on track. Here are four tips on how to get started.

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The 40-Day College Savings Challenge

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Lent can be a great time to focus on good spending habits. Over the next 40 days, we challenge our readers to find ways to cut their budget and make room for college savings.

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