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Credit freezes and financial aid

In the wake of the recent Equifax security breach, many people have taken the prudent step of freezing their credit. Learn how this could affect the financial aid process.

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Despite high student loan balances, Millennial parents are saving for college

Millennials are saving more money than other generations, even with student loan debt. But its what theyre saving for thats been making recent headlines.

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Free college is here - But don't stop saving

Some states are beginning to offer free college tuition for residents. Heres what you need to know, and why its still important to save with a 529 plan.

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5 ways to help your child navigate the student loan process

Applying for student loans can be a stressful and confusing process. Here's how parents can help their kids get started with the process.

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Cosigners are helping borrowers get better rates on student loans

For students taking out private loans to cover college funding gaps, having a cosigner not only improves the odds of being approved for a loan, but can help borrowers obtain a better interest rate, an analysis of Credible user data shows.

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4 things you can do to get ready for student loan repayment

When your first student loan statement arrives in the mail, you'll want to be prepared so that you and your budget will be ready to make your first payment on time. These four steps will help get you ready for your first student loan payment.

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Surprising facts about scholarships

But before you apply for a student loan, why not explore the idea of scholarships?

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Is student debt motivating young parents to save for college?

While the common perception is that student debt is a barrier to college savings, new survey data suggests it may actually have a positive effect on young parents' drive save for college.

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5 characteristics of high school students heading to college

Students are more concerned than ever about the price of college and many are trying to avoid student loans. Here's a breakdown of why they're so motivated, and what they're doing to make their dreams a reality.

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7 things you may not know about student loan repayment

If you're one of the 40 million Americans who currently have an outstanding student loan, click through this slideshow to see seven important facts about how repayments work.

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How to pay off student loan debt while saving for the future

Over 40 million Americans have student loan debt. Is it possible to build savings while paying down your loans? Guest blogger Robert Farrington, Founder of The College Investor, tells us how.

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This year's top 10 best and worst jobs

Looking for a little motivation when it comes to saving for college? This year's list of the best and worst jobs of 2015 should remind you just how important that college education will be in helping your child or grandchild to achieve the job of his or her dreams.

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collegemoneyjar-400x400.jpg expert interview on paying for college

We recently had the opportunity to share our advice on funding higher education with in their Expert Interview series. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, read though this interview to learn some great tips on the best ways to pay for college.

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10 things you can learn about saving for college from Game of Thrones

What can Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister teach you about planning for college? Find out in this fun Game of Thrones slideshow.

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[PODCAST] Melinda Lewis on the relationship between college savings and student debt

Just how much of an effect does a college fund have on the likelihood that a student will have to borrow? In this podcast, Kathryn Flynn and Melinda Lewis discuss new research on the relationship between saving for college and student debt.

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Will the Student Aid Bill of Rights help your family?

Last week President Obama signed a presidential memorandum outlining a plan intended to help dissolve the student debt crisis. The Student Aid Bill of Rights focuses on four key issues related to helping students pay for college and helping graduates manage and repay their student loans.

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Understanding your student loans and how to repay them

With so many loan repayment options out there its important for borrowers to explore all of their repayment options and make sure they find the plan that best fits their needs and their budget. NerdScholar's Alexandra Rice shares some tips.

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7 ways the 2016 fiscal year budget could affect higher education

This week, the Obama administration released a 2016 fiscal year budget request, which details the President's plan to make education and job training top priorities. This slideshow lists the impact the proposed budget could have on certain areas of higher education.

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5 ways to avoid student loans

If you want your teenager to go to college without taking student loans, its important that you make a plan right now to prepare for that. Rachel Cruze explains a few ideas for how to get started.

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Despite rising tuition prices, more students are just saying "No" to loans

Last week, the College Board released its annual "Trends in College Pricing" report, which revealed some much needed positive news regarding student borrowing.

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8 tips for preparing your child for the financial realities of college

This guest post offers the following strategies to help you ensure your kids are ready to face the expenses of higher education.

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Six calculators to help you save for college

We are constantly striving to come up with new and improved tools that will help you answer some of your toughest college savings questions. See how these six calculators can assist you with your budgeting and planning decisions:

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5 reasons recent college graduates are becoming the boomerang generation

As we celebrate our countrys independence this week, many parents of Class of 2014 college graduates are hoping for another sense of freedom.

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Student loan rate hikes give more reason to save

Beginning July 1, we will see a 0.8% increase in interest rates on all federal student loans. If you were planning on taking out loans to pay for college, you may want to rethink your strategy.

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5 ways to cut college costs

The last thing you want is to have your child graduate college burdened with student loans. Here are five ways anyone can put away extra money for college, regardless of income.

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Annual College Savings Survey results: All that you can leave behind

As college costs in America rise faster than the rate of inflation and total student loan debt surpasses $1 trillion, more relatives are exploring the idea of helping pay tuition for grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

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Welcome to the new and improved Blog!

Whether you are a new parent, grandparent or professional advisor, we are committed to offering the most timely and relevant college savings content while encouraging interaction, comments and feedback.

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