Expert tips on managing money before, during and after college

Personal finance expert Sam Renick interviews Christine Benz, director of personal finance at Morningstar. Ms. Benz offers advice for parents and students on the best ways to manage money before, during and after college. She discusses balancing financial goals, college return on investment and saving for college with a 529 plan.

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The value of a college degree will depend on a number of things, including tuition costs and starting salary after graduation. Learn which degrees offer the best value for students in 2017.

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How to determine the ROI on a college education

Factors to consider when helping a child understand a college degrees return on investment (ROI) that will help minimize the future burden of student loan debt.

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College savings success stories: Anonymous tips

Last week we received some great advice on our message board explaining how to get the best education "bang for your buck". Consider these tips to create a well-rounded college funding strategy.

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