4 times millennial parents should consider a 529 plan

Should all young parents have 529 savings plan? Maybe not, but it might make sense if youre in grad school, your state offers a tax deduction, you want to give a financial gift or youre already on track for retirement.

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Where does a college degree have the biggest impact on your income?

Where you decide to live and work after graduating from college can influence your annual earnings. This infographic gives you a state by state breakdown of the value of a degree.

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How to earn college credit without ever setting foot on campus

Even before enrolling in a four-year university, high school students can get a head start on earning college credit.

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Graduates are delaying major life milestones because of their student loan debt.

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5 characteristics of high school students heading to college

Students are more concerned than ever about the price of college and many are trying to avoid student loans. Here's a breakdown of why they're so motivated, and what they're doing to make their dreams a reality.

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How to pay off student loan debt while saving for the future

Over 40 million Americans have student loan debt. Is it possible to build savings while paying down your loans? Guest blogger Robert Farrington, Founder of The College Investor, tells us how.

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5 reasons recent college graduates are becoming the boomerang generation

As we celebrate our countrys independence this week, many parents of Class of 2014 college graduates are hoping for another sense of freedom.

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