Massachusetts 529 Plan Fees and Expense Ratios

Massachusetts 529 plans offer among the lowest fees of any direct-sold 529 college savings plans. The total asset-based expense ratio for the Massachusetts U.Fund 529 plan portfolios run from 0.11% to 1.13%.

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Massachusetts 529 Plan Contribution Limits

There are no annual contribution limits for Massachusetts 529 plans, other than the annual gift tax exclusion and 5-year gift-tax averaging. Massachusetts 529 plans have a high cumulative contribution limit of $400,000 per beneficiary.

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Answers to Common Questions About Saving for College

Saving for college is a top priority for many families. But, some parents hesitate to open a 529 plan because they are confused about how they work. Here are answers to 10 common questions about saving for college that can help you plan for your child’s future.

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Student Loans in the United Kingdom with Lessons for the U.S. System

The student debt crisis isn’t restricted to the United States. Graduates in other Western countries also struggle with the cost of their college educations. While student loan systems differ substantially between nations, the situations in other countries provide useful contrast to the state of student debt in America.

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When it comes to 529 plans, parents just don't understand

A study from Fidelity shows more parents are saving for college than ever before, but they are still confused about how 529 savings plans work. By missing out on these key benefits, including federal (and sometimes state) tax savings, and favorable financial aid treatment, they could be leaving money on the table.

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