Can You Use a 529 Plan to Pay for Trade School?

529 plans can be used to pay for postsecondary education at any eligible institution, including trade schools. Trade school programs typically take less than two years to complete, and cost significantly less than a bachelor's degree from a 4-year college.

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Don’t Count on Getting Student Loan Forgiveness

With burgeoning student debt on the minds of matriculants and graduates alike, student loan forgiveness programs offer a sliver of hope to worried borrowers. Those entering certain professions or meeting certain income requirements may qualify for forgiveness of their federal student loans after a certain period. However, many borrowers do not ultimately qualify for student loan forgiveness and the future of student loan forgiveness programs is uncertain.

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Can Mr. Rogers Help Hike 529 Plan Usage?

The College Savings Plan Network (CSPN) is teaming up with Fred Rogers Productions to promote the benefits of a 529 college savings plan. The partnership is aiming their educational campaign at two-year-old eyes locked in on the highly-watched children’s TV show “Daniel Tiger” and the parents who mind them.

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How to Fill a College Savings Gap

Even after years of saving in a 529 plan, many parents come up short when it’s time to pay for college. It may be tempting to dip into retirement savings or take out an excessive amount of student loans to fill the gap but doing so may put your (or your child’s) future financial security at risk.

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How do 529 plans work?

A 529 college savings plan is a specialized savings account that is used to save money for college. The money in a 529 plan may be used to pay for the college expenses and K-12 tuition of the beneficiary, tax-free. Many families find that 529 plans work well, helping them achieve their college savings goals.

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