Which is the Real FAFSA website?

The only way to complete a FAFSA on the web is through the Department of Ed. Learn how to spot and avoid an imposter FAFSA website.

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Is there an Income Cutoff on Eligibility for Financial Aid?

There are no income limits on financial aid eligibility, in part due to the complexity of the FAFSA and financial aid formulas.

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What Is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to continue to be eligible for federal student aid. Learn how SAP works.

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How to Apply for Financial Aid for College

It's important to apply for financial aid every year that you will attend college. Learn how to get need-based aid and merit scholarships.

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These U.S. Colleges Provide Free Online Courses

You can take free online courses at the country’s most esteemed colleges – Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and more. Check out this list.

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