Why Seniors are Dealing with Student Loans and What Can They Do About It

The student loan debt crisis isn't just impacting millennials. Retirees and seniors are feeling the burden of student loan debt, too. Learn why seniors have so much student loan debt and what they can do about it.

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HELPER Act Proposes More Tax-Free Student Loan Repayment Options

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation to allow tax- and penalty-free distributions from retirement plans to pay higher education expenses and to repay student loans starting in 2020. The Higher Education Loan Payment and Enhanced Retirement (HELPER) Act (S. 2962) will also expand the student loan interest deduction and exclude up to $5,250 in employer-paid student loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) from the employee’s income.

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Gift Ideas for People with Student Loan Debt

We buy gifts for the people we love around the holidays because we want to give them something to make them happy and improve their life. If you have someone in your life that's dealing with student loan debt, you know the burden they carry. Instead of giving them a sweater or a picture frame, why not give them something that can help them deal with their student loan debt. These gifts are great for anyone dealing with student loan debt.

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States that offer 529 plan grant programs

A dozen states make it easier to save for college by offering grants to residents who use their 529 plans. Some states provide matching grants for 529 plan contributions and others seed new 529 plan accounts with an initial contribution.

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How much can you contribute to a 529 plan in 2019?

There are no annual contribution limits for 529 plans. However, each 529 plan has an aggregate contribution limit, ranging from $235,000 to $529,000. Families making a large 529 plan contribution should consider the annual gift tax exclusion amount and find out if they qualify for state income tax benefits.

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