What Is a Stable-Value Portfolio?

A stable-value fund protects the investment against a loss in the value of the principal. Stable-value funds also guarantee a minimum rate of return on the investment.

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Do I Have to Show Financial Need to Get a Federal Student Loan?

You do not need to demonstrate financial need to obtain a federal student loan. Even wealthy studenet scan get unsubsidized loans .

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What are my student loan options?

There are several different types of student loans available to finance a college education, including federal student loans and private student loans.

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An Alternative to 529 Plan Superfunding

Superfunding a 529 plan can help jump-start a child’s college savings while sheltering a large amount of assets from the donor’s taxable estate. However, wealthy grandparents may be able to make a larger tax-free gift by using up part of their lifetime gift and estate tax exemption.

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Maximum 529 Plan Contribution Limits by State

Each state has a maximum aggregate limit per beneficiary. Aggregate 529 plans limits apply to all 529 plans administered by a specific state and range from $235,000 to $529,000. The limit is intended to cover the cost of attending an expensive college and graduate school in the state.

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