Student Loan Late Fees

Student loan late fees are charged when a borrower does not make the monthly student loan payments on time. The definition of a late payment and the amount of the late fee varies, depending on the lender and loan program.

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How to Avoid Late Payments on Student Loans

There are several simple ideas that can help borrowers avoid making late payments on their student loans. These ideas include signing up for auto-debit, using text alert reminders, budgeting, changing the payment due date, changing the repayment plan, increasing income, deferments and forbearances.

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Celebrate College Savings Month

September is widely recognized as College Savings Month. As kids to head back to school, the topic of affording college tuition looms large for many parents. For families who haven’t started saving, September is a great time to consider opening a 529 plan.

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Can You Use a 529 Plan to Pay for Online Classes?

Students may use a 529 plan to pay for online courses offered through at an eligible institution. Taking online courses is a popular way to save money on college tuition. According to data from Babson Survey Research Group, nearly one-third of college students took at least one distance education course in 2016.

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Colleges that Cater to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

College is a difficult adjustment even for neurotypical students. The lifestyle changes necessitated by college enrollment can be even more of a shock for autistic students. Some colleges offer special programs to address the unique needs of autistic students.

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