A guide to applying for scholarships

A guide to applying for scholarships

For some students half the battle of going to an Ivy League school is paying for an Ivy League school. Fortunately, students have access to thousands of scholarships through institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, corporate sponsors, business groups, and more. Yet, according to a study from NerdScholar, around $2.9 billion dollars of grant money is left unclaimed. Many believe the reason for this is that applications are too time consuming, impacted or competitive.

On top of studying for the SAT's, managing a rigorous academic schedule and extracurricular activities, making time to apply for scholarships may seem unbearable. The truth is applying to scholarships is much simpler than you may think. With sufficient planning and spending a few hours each week, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The following is a guide to help you navigate the world of college scholarships and allow you to obtain the funds you need to accept admission into your Ivy League school of choice:

Research and apply BEFORE your senior year

One common myth is that you must be a high school senior in order to apply for college scholarships. In reality, there are countless scholarships that don't have an age requirement attached to them. Since your Junior year of high school tends to be the busiest with SAT preparation and first time AP courses, you should start to research and apply for available scholarships your freshman and sophomore year.

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