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Yes, your 529 plan will affect financial aid

by Kathryn Flynn
33 percent of parents and grandparents believe that a 529 plan is not considered when determining financial aid eligibility. See if they're right.
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7 states where you can still claim a prior-year 529 plan tax deduction

by Kathryn Flynn
Residents of these seven states can reduce their prior-year taxable income by making contributions to a 529 college savings plan before the April deadline.
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Everything You Need to Know About Parent PLUS Loans

by Andy Josuweit
If youre a parent considering a PLUS loan to help pay for your childs education, read on for everything you need to know first.
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How to save for college and still get financial aid

by Kathryn Flynn
There are three things that will determine how much aid a student will qualify for:
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Five things to know about 529s and financial aid

by Joseph Hurley
To help clear up any confusion, here are a few things to remember about how 529 plans are treated under the federal aid formula.
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4 tips to make the most of scholarships

by Ryan Hickey
The same vigilance that was used to earn a scholarship is critical if you're going to use the money properly. Here are four tips for helping students get the most out of their reward.
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