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H.R. 529 offers big benefits to college savers
New legislation might make 529 plans more alluring, but will it actually pass?
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529 Day Webcast Recap
Did you miss our 529 Day live Q&A webinar? Here's a recap of all the great college savings topics that were covered.
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Will the Student Aid Bill of Rights help your family?
Last week President Obama signed a presidential memorandum outlining a plan intended to help dissolve the student debt crisis. The Student Aid Bill of Rights focuses on four key issues related to helping students pay for college and helping graduates manage and repay their student loans.
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Why can't you donate your 529 plan to charity?
Donating a 529 account to charity might seem like the perfect solution for some who have leftover money in their account. Unfortunately, the tax law as it is currently written prevents this.
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7 ways the 2016 fiscal year budget could affect higher education
This week, the Obama administration released a 2016 fiscal year budget request, which details the President's plan to make education and job training top priorities. This slideshow lists the impact the proposed budget could have on certain areas of higher education.
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5 reasons we were outraged by the President's 529 proposal
In the week following the President's surprising proposal to tax 529 plan withdrawals and subsequent dropping of the proposal, we began to wonder why it was ever brought up in the first place. After taking a closer look, here are five reasons we feel the president's proposal was based on some pretty misleading data.
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Proposed legislation H.R. 529 - Withdrawals, Reporting and Redepositing
A bipartisan legislation intended to modernize and expand 529 plans.
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The ABLE Act and what it means for your 529 plan
The long-awaited Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act has been signed into law by President Obama. Learn about how the 529A accounts created by this Act will help Americans with disabilities better save for the future.
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