This Mobile App Makes Saving for College Easier

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October 11, 2021

We’re in an age of too much information. These days we look back on the dawn of the Information Age with a combination of nostalgia and resentment. Nostalgia for the simplicity of the early days of the internet, and resentment, because let’s face it, there’s too much information out there. How is it possible to maintain a full-time job, a family, a mortgage, taking care of family members, maintaining friendships, all while looking out for our own mental health and safety? It’s overwhelming to say the least. 

That’s where FinTech disruptors like EvoShare step in. EvoShare’s CEO Eugeny Prudchyenko believes that saving for your future should be funded by everyday spending you’re already doing. It’s no secret that going to college is a common requirement for landing a good job, but college can be expensive – a barrier to entry that FinTech disruptors like EvoShare are striving to break down. Simple, effective solutions such as EvoShare make it easy to navigate complex financial situations. Cash-back incentive programs are nothing new, however, EvoShare makes it possible to not only earn cash-back from your everyday expenses, but to automatically have that cash-back turned into contributions to your financial future. 

FinTech is providing solutions of its own: redistribution of earned cash-back. It’s simple. It’s money you’re already spending, for things that you and your family need, and now FinTech disruptors such as EvoShare make it possible to not only earn cash-back from your everyday spending, but to automatically turn that into contributions to 529 plans, and even for payments to existing student loans. 
Simplify, simplify, and simplify. Now it’s up to you. Stop your searching. Stop Googling hundreds of programs, and stick to what works for you. A one-stop shop where you can earn cash-back for money you’re already spending, and apply that to saving for college. Book a hotel for a work trip? Apply that cash-back to a College Savings plan. Buying groceries at Wal-Mart? Apply that cash-back to a College Savings plan. Need new shoes for a hike? Apply that cash-back to a College Savings plan. Keep it simple, and the overwhelming aspect of the information age can settle into past history.