11 People to Follow While Repaying Student Loans

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Zina Kumok

By Zina Kumok

June 11, 2020

When you’re trying to repay student loans, it can be a struggle. But fortunately, there are people you can follow on social media to stay informed and inspired. Here’s our list:

Melisa Boutin | Your Money Worth

A civil engineer, Melisa Boutin paid off $70,000 in student loans, even while supporting her family and buying a house. Now a Certified Financial Education Instructor, she educates other people on the best student loan repayment strategies.

Melanie Lockert | Dear Debt

Melanie Lockert paid off $81,000 of student loans and blogged about it on her site, Dear Debt, where she wrote “Dear John” letters to her loans. 

Now, she writes about the intersection of mental health and personal finance. If student loans exacerbate your anxiety or depression, follow Locker to see how she handles it.

Chris | Popcorn Finance

It’s great to focus on repaying student loans, but you should also try to learn about the other aspects of personal finance. That’s why you should listen to the Popcorn Finance podcast, with bite-sized episodes usually less than 20 minutes.

His and Her Money

When Talaat and Tai got married, he confessed he had $30,000 in debt. They’ve since tackled that debt and paid off their mortgage. Follow them for advice if you’re married and trying to pay off debt together. They offer personal finance and relationship advice for any couple.

ChangEd App

The ChangEd App allows borrowers to round up their purchases to apply that extra cash towards student loans. The average member puts an additional $50 each month to eliminate debt.

Follow them on social media to be inspired by the stories of other student loan borrowers who are now debt free. They have a Facebook group where you can interact with other members and share support and experiences. Check out the app now.

Whitney Hansen | The Money Nerds

Whitney Hansen is a financial coach who paid off $30,000 in 10 months. A part-time personal finance professor, she also hosts “The Money Nerds” podcast where she interviews other personal finance experts for their advice.

Use our Student Loan Prepayment Calculator to estimate the impact of making extra payments, showing you how much you save on interest by making extra payments and how much extra you’d have to pay to pay off your debt quicker.

Sandy Smith | Yes, I Am Cheap

Sandy Smith blogs about paying off $130,000 in debt, including $50,000 in two years at Yes, I Am Cheap. Now, she focuses on helping people find a side hustle to repay their debt faster. 

Cindy Zuniga | Zero Based Budget

Cindy Zuniga is a lawyer and financial coach based in New York. She paid off $215,000 in debt in four years and serves as an inspiration to other borrowers struggling with six figures of debt. She writes about how using a zero-based budget helped her funnel more money toward her loans. 

Krystel | All She Saves

Like many millennials, Krystel graduated from college with a lot of student loans. After a few years of only paying the minimum, she decided to get serious about her debt. She writes about trying to pay off $50,000 worth of student loans in four years while also focusing on her other priorities, such as traveling and saving for a wedding.

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Travis Hornsby | Student Loan Planner

Travis Hornsby of Student Loan Planner helps everyday borrowers figure out the best ways to repay their student loans. Follow him for advice on choosing the best repayment plan.

The College Investor

The College Investor has all the information you need if you’re repaying student loans – and trying to invest your money at the same time. The site breaks down different repayment options, how to qualify for PSLF and how to set up your first retirement account.

Adam Minsky

Student loan lawyer Adam Minsky helps borrowers sue negligent student loan providers. He also writes a column for Forbes where he discusses the latest student loan news and how it affects borrowers. Follow him for the latest student loan information.  

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