District of Columbia (DC) 529 College Savings Plans

Ascensus College Savings took over the management of the DC College Savings Plan in March 2017. The program was formerly sold nationally through financial advisors and on a load-waived basis to District of Columbia residents. The plan is now sold nationally on a direct-sold basis only and features a menu of age-based and static portfolio options featuring funds from a number of fund families.

Details on the DC 529 plan are available in the links below.

Consumer Plans

DC College Savings Plan

The DC College Savings Plan is managed by Ascensus College Savings. Ascensus succeeded Calvert Investments as program manager in March 2017. The plan features a menu of age-based and static portfolio options utilizing investments from BlackRock,...

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Non-Resident Rating

ABLE Plans


The DC ABLE Program is offered through the National ABLE Alliance. The program is created under the District of Columbia's ABLE Program Trust Establishment Act of 2015 to authorize the establishment of savings accounts empowering individuals with a...

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