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Improvements in place for West Virginia 529 plans

(October 11, 2007) - The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and the State of West Virginia have reached an agreement that rolls out lower fees and expenses, a streamlined product line-up, and service enhancements to the SMART529 college savings program.

Changes include the following:

- The name of the WV Director SMART529 plan hsa been changed to The Hartford SMART529 and this becomes the only national advisor-sold plan. The Leaders SMART529 and Cornerstone SMART529 are now closed to new investors and it is anticipated these plans will be merged into The Hartford SMART529 in the future.

- New lower account minimums for all SMART529 plans.

- Fee reductions averaging 13% in The Hartford SMART529, 20% in SMART529 WV Direct, and 11% in SMART529 Select.

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