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Find a 529 Pro Directory

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Our Find a 529 Pro Directory is the most cost-effective marketing tool available to you for growing your college planning practice and attracting new clients.

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Tens of thousands of families visit our website each week, and many of them decide they need professional assistance. So what do they do? They turn to our Find a 529 Pro Directory, a unique look-up tool that enables the parent or grandparent to easily locate a professional in their local vicinity with the expertise to help them.

A 529 Pro Directory listing prominently displays you as a "529 expert" to these families, who are clearly in need of college planning help, but who may also have needs in other financial areas - such as retirement and estate planning. Many of the visitors to the directory are young couples looking to build their investment portfolio, and could become life-long clients!

What's included in a Pro Directory Listing?

  • A prominent listing with all of your information: name and title, credentials, company, disclaimer, and contact information.
  • All the benefits of our premium subscription to Savingforcollege.comís professional-level content. Find out whatís included in the premium subscription here!
  • Annual members receive full access to our CFP-approved continuing education courses. Find out what courses we offer here. NEW

How do potential leads contact me?

529 Pro Directory visitors interested in your services will contact you using the telephone number provided in your listing. Alternatively, they can use the ďsend noteĒ button, in which a contact form is generated and sent to your email address. Itís then up to you to reach out to the sender.

How can I stand out from the rest of the listings in the directory?

  • Put your 529 expertise on display - Take the optional 25-question test administrated by covering Section 529 and related college planning topics. Once you have passed, your directory listing will display to visitors that you have 529 knowledge!
  • Upgrade to a Pro Directory Platinum listing - For an additional payment, your Pro Directory listing will include an expanded description of your practice, as well as a hyperlink directly to your website. You will also receive highlighted placement at the top of the list of search results.

See our listing agreement for complete details about the Find a 529 Pro Directory.

What people are saying...

My business consists entirely of college financial planning. When it comes to attracting new clients I might not otherwise find, my listing on the Directory has been a very successful marketing tool.

J.M., California


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