How to save for college and still get financial aid

There are three things that will determine how much aid a student will qualify for:

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4 ways to get your kids involved with saving for college

Looking for ways to get your kids involved in saving for their future college education while they're young? Here are some creative ideas that have worked for other families.

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Top 5 financial considerations when selecting childcare

How has the high cost of childcare affected family budgets and savings goals, and what can families do to soften the blow?

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10 expert savings tips to make the most of summer

Now that summer's finally here, are you planning a busy and fun-filled next few months for your family? Here are 10 tips from the experts to help you plan for a memorable summer without draining your bank account

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Nine reasons why every 'Modern Family' needs a 529 plan

The following slideshow looks at one of Americaís favorite unconventional families and how each member can enjoy the benefits of a 529 plan.

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Top four savings essentials for young families

Having kids and the expenses to go with them can sometimes put savings goals on hold. Whether your first baby just arrived or your oldest is headed to middle school, itís never too late to get your familyís savings plan back on track. Here are four tips on how to get started.

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