Maria Carla Chicuen

Maria Carla Chicuen is the author of Achieve the College Dream: You Don't Need to Be Rich to Attend a Top School (Rowman & Littlefield 2016), a guide to selective universities for students from all economic backgrounds. Despite her challenging high school journey as a recent immigrant from Cuba, Chicuen won admission to five Ivy League schools and ultimately decided to attend Harvard after securing over $200,000 in financial aid. These early experiences fueled her deep passion towards higher education access. Indeed, for over ten years, she has developed a successful international career in higher education management, admissions and financial aid at renowned organizations such as ACT, Harvard University, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, Minerva Schools and Miami Dade College.

Maria Carla has advised students from Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America throughout their successful applications to selective universities around the world. All her mentees have been accepted in selective institutions, including Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Stanford, Georgetown and the University of Pennsylvania. She regularly offers college access workshops and information sessions in English and Spanish in the United States and Latin America, and her articles about education have been published in international media.

Maria Carla has an undergraduate degree cum laude from Harvard University and a Masters with Merit from the London School of Economics.


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