Lulu Curiel

Lulu Curiel is the Founder and CEO of Ivy Advisors, a leading Admissions Consulting company that helps people with their application process for college and graduate school. Lulu has helped over hundreds of people construct their application strategies and gain admissions to their respective dream schools. Prior to Ivy Advisors, Lulu worked at Apple and Deloitte Consulting. She has an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Boston University.


The complete guide to choosing a college major

Once youíve applied and been accepted into college, itís time to select your major. A college admissions experts offers helpful tips for parents and students.


4 college admission myths every applicant should know

The college admission landscape is constantly evolving. Learn about four key college admissions myths to be aware of when completing your college applications.


3 ways your online presence can support your college application

Social media plays an important role in college recruiting and admissions. Learn how your online presence can positively contribute to your application strategy.


A guide to finding your best SAT date

A college admissions expert offers helpful advice on how to select the best date to take the SAT exam, taking other important deadlines into account.


Expert advice on taking a gap year before college

Taking a gap year before college is becoming popular among U.S. students. An admissions counselor shares expert advice on how to decide if itís right for you.


3 ways the PSAT will help your college admission chances

While taking the PSAT/NMSQT wonít directly influence college admission decisions, there are still three important benefits students can get out of it.


How to earn college credit without ever setting foot on campus

Even before enrolling in a four-year university, high school students can get a head start on earning college credit.


8 things to know going into your freshman year of college

It's important to maintain perspective as you enter college and the transition to adulthood. These tips from Ivy Advisors will help ease your anxiety and prepare you for your freshman year.


A guide to applying for scholarships

This guide will help you navigate the world of college scholarships and win the awards you need to pay for your school of choice.


A High Schooler's Guide to Preparing For the Ivy Leagues

While thereís no set guideline that will lead you to a successful admission into the Ivy League, there are four things to focus on during your high school career that could increase your chances of getting in.


4 tips on making the most of summertime college visits

Summer is a great time of year for you to see firsthand if a college is the right school for you. Here are four recommendations to help you get the most out of your summer campus visits.


Which Standardized Test Should You Take - the ACT or SAT?

Today, both the SAT and the ACT are accepted by four-year universities.


Introducing the new and improved SAT

The SAT exam has undergone a major renovation.


AP vs. IB: Which Program Is Best for You?

Both AP and IB programs give high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and become better prepared for higher education.


Conquering the Admissions Interview

Consider the following tips to help you master your admissions interview.


Six steps to landing in the Ivy Leagues

If your child has their hopes set on attending an Ivy League school, it's important to start preparing early on. Lulu Curiel of Ivy Advisors shares six tips to pave your path to the Ivy League schools.


5 tips to crafting the perfect essay

College admission essays fill the gap between you and your test scores. Learn useful strategies when crafting your essay:


Being Smart about Recommendation Letters Before Senior Year of High School

What is one of the most useful steps young students can take to improve their chances of getting into a top school?


How younger students can build a competitive profile for the Ivy League schools

It's never too early to start thinking about your child's college application. Here are some things you can do now to prepare your child for the Ivy League.


Don't waste your summers - Get ready for the Ivy League

If your child has their hopes set on attending an Ivy League school, it's important to start preparing early on. Lulu Curiel of Ivy Advisors shares some tips on how to use this summer to help you pave your path to the Ivy League schools.

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