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Kathryn Flynn

Kathryn joined in 2014 as a Financial Writer. She is a firm believer in the need for financial awareness and education. Her specialties include creating consumer friendly content related to college savings and personal finance for families. She has worked in the investment industry for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers. Kathryn received her MBA from DePaul University and currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time with her family.


Experts say this is how much you should save for college

How much should I save each month for college?


What Trump's proposed budget cuts could mean for college savers

President Trumpís new budget proposal focuses on simplifying federal student loan options and financial aid. See how this could affect your college savings strategy.


Top ten direct-sold plans

The highly-anticipated 529 plan rankings are here! This slideshow features our most recent top ten list of direct-sold 529 plans for one-year investment performance. *Three-year performance rankings as of 03/31/2017


New! 529 ABLE plan detail pages

Looking for information on a specific ABLE savings plan? Our new plan details pages highlight important information on each available plan, including fees, tax benefits and investment options.


15 states with the biggest 529 tax breaks

Saving for college? Check out your home stateís 529 plan. Here are the 15 states that offer residents the most generous tax deductions and credits for contributions.

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