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How one summer of reading can help your kid succeed all year long

Updated: 2015-06-09

by Kathryn Flynn

How one summer of reading can help your kid succeed all year long

This summer, TIAA-CREF has partnered with libraries around the country in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of establishing a strong educational foundation, both academically and financially. Parents who enroll their children in a participating state's summer reading program will be entered to win a 529 account worth up to $1,529. Winners are chosen at random. Don't see your state on the list? You can still take advantage of the tax benefits of 529 plans, regardless of where you live. Find out more about your state's 529 plan!

  • California
    The ScholarShare College Savings Plan
    $500 (Up to 40 winners)
    May 26 - Aug 1, 2015
  • Georgia
    Path2College 529 Plan
    $5,529 (1 grand prize winner, plus $1,529 to winner's library; 4 $1,529 winners plus $529 to winners' libraries)
    May 1 - August 10, 2015
  • Kentucky
    Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust
    $1,000 plus $500 for the winners' libraries (8 winners)
    June 1 - August 14, 2015
  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma College Savings Plan
    $2,529 (2 winners) plus $1,000 for each winner's library
    May 1 - August 31, 2015
  • Oregon
    Oregon College Savings Plan
    $500 plus $500 for the winner's library (Up to 15 winners)
    June 1 - Aug 28, 2015
  • Wisconsin
    $1,000 Edvest 529 College Savings Plan account, plus 4 tickets per winner to Green Bay Packers home game and the opportunity to tour Lambeau field and meet a Packers player or coach. (6 winners)
    May 29 - July 15, 2015

(Photo credit: CanStockPhoto/EpicStockMedia)

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