Mike Eklund - Financial Professional

GOLD Financial Professional
Mike Eklund
Financial Planner
Financial Symmetry
Contact Info:
1511 Sunday Drive, Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27607
Licensed/Registered in:
SEC Registered Investment Advisor

Financial Symmetry is an independent, employee-owned financial advisory firm in the Triangle area of North Carolina that provides financial services on a fee-only basis. Our team of financial advisors help our clients with hourly financial planning, college planning, wealth management services, investment management, retirement planning, investment advice, 401k allocation and portfolio management. We help families determine how much they can afford to pay for college when reviewing their entire financial situation. This is completed through a four-year cash flow analysis to help the parents determine how they'll pay for their child's college. We also help people implement strategies to maximize their financial and tax aid as they plan for college. I personally enjoy helping individuals as I have four children to support through college.


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