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Rhode Island (RI) 529 College Savings Plans

Rhode Island’s 529 savings plan, CollegeBoundfund®, is managed by AllianceBernstein and features AllianceBernstein mutual funds, as well as the Vanguard index option for direct-sold Rhode Island Accounts. The program is sold nationwide and is offered in 6 unit classes through financial advisors. A state version of the plan is offered by way of a direct-sold unit class to Rhode Island Accounts without a financial advisor.

Specifics on the Rhode Island 529 plan can be viewed by following the links below.

Consumer Plans

CollegeBoundfund (Direct-sold, Alternative RI)

Alternative RI of the CollegeBoundfund program is the direct-sold version, available only to those...


Advisor Sold Plans

CollegeBoundfund (Advisor-sold)

While the Rhode Island CollegeBoundfund (Advisor-sold) 529 savings program is available to Rhode...