Maryland (MD) 529 College Savings Plans

Maryland offers one direct-sold 529 college savings plan and a prepaid tuition program. The savings program is managed by T. Rowe Price and offers age-based and static options using T. Rowe Price mutual funds. Enrollment in the prepaid tuition program is open to account holders or beneficiaries who are residents of Maryland or the District of Columbia at the time of enrollment.

To learn more about the Maryland 529 plans, select the links below.

Featured College Savings Plans

Consumer Plans

Maryland 529 -- College Investment Plan

T. Rowe Price manages the College Savings Plans of Maryland -- College Investment Plan and utilizes its mutual funds in age-based and static portfolio options....

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Non-Resident Rating

Maryland 529 -- Prepaid College Trust

The College Savings Plans of Maryland -- Prepaid College Trust offers a variety of tuition packages to Maryland and District of Columbia families....

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Non-Resident Rating

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