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Putnam 529 for America


Launched in October 2010, Nevada's Putnam 529 for America advisor-sold 529 savings plan offers an age-based options, 3 goal-based options, 11 individual-fund options, and 4 options consisting of the Putnam Absolute Return Funds. The 11 individual-fund options include several non-Putnam mutual funds. To find a financial advisor in your area, use the Directory of Financial Professionals.

5-Cap Rating

Non-Resident:'s 5-Cap Ratings provides an evaluation and comparison of 529 plans, utilizing a formula that examines dozens of factors grouped into the following categories. (Scale 0 to 5; 5 is highest)

Performance Costs Features Reliability Resident Upgrade
4.68 3.59 3.80 4.00 0.00

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