Georgia (GA) 529 College Savings Plans

The Georgia Path2College 529 plan is managed by TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc., and offers two age-based options, two static options, and a guaranteed option.

Additional details on this program can be found by clicking on the Path2College link below.

Consumer Plans

Path2College 529 Plan

The Georgia Path2College 529 Plan, a TIAA-managed 529 savings program features two age-based options and five fixed options including a guaranteed option with interest at a rate between 1% and 3% as declared each October....

Resident Rating
Non-Resident Rating

ABLE Plans

Georgia STABLE

The State of Georgia has partnered with the State of Ohio to offer Georgia STABLE, a program that offers the STABLE Account Plan to eligible Georgia residents. The STABLE Account Plan is established pursuant to Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 113.50-11...

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