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New Jersey now considers K-12 tuition a qualified expense

(February 15, 2018) - New Jersey joins 12 other states in conforming to the federal tax code regarding 529 plan qualified expenses, which includes up to $10,000 in elementary and secondary tuition costs at private, public or religious schools. In New Jersey, qualified withdrawals from a New Jersey or out-of-state 529 plan are exempt from state tax.

Ohio doubles 529 state tax deduction for residents, increases rates on CDs

(January 11, 2018) - Ohio residents can now deduct up to $4,000 (any filing status) for contributions to an Ohio 529 plan for each beneficiary, up from $2,000.

New Mexico launching ABLE program January 18, 2018

(January 8, 2018) - ABLE New Mexico, administered by the State Treasurer's office, will allow residents living with disabilities to save for education and other living expenses in a tax-advantaged account without jeopardizing public benefits like Social Security or Medicare.

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