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4Q 2016 529 plan assets up, continue to reach year-over-year highs

(February 17, 2017) - According to 4Q16 data from Strategic Insight, assets in 529 college savings plans increased by 1.5% over 3Q 2016 to $251.9B in AUM. Assets were up over 9.3% over the prior year.

Net inflows to savings plans in the 4th quarter of 2016 were relatively flat at $2.7 billion, compared to $2.6 billion in 4Q of 2015.

Gradvisor brings 529 savings to small employers in partnership with Gusto

(February 7, 2017) - Gusto recently announced that it has partnered with Gradvisor to offer its 529 college savings plan solution to users of its employer benefits platform. Gusto provides a complete HR benefits platform that covers HR functions, payroll, and benefits for over 40,000 companies nationwide. Gradvisor is a financial wellness benefits platform designed to make it easy for employees to enroll in and monitor 529 college savings plans. The partnership is the largest of its kind for a 529 services provider in the employer benefits space.

Please note that Gradvisor is an affiliate of Savingforcollege.com.

For more information, click here.

ABLE program disclosures available on EMMA

(June 21, 2016) - On June, 21 the MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board) released notice that it had added its first 529A offering document, from the State of Ohio’s ABLE program to its Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website. Program disclosures, "will be made available on EMMA both voluntarily by states and per MSRB regulations by municipal securities dealers involved in the primary offering of ABLE programs" according to the MSRB.

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