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Recent Industry News

529 plan assets up 10% in first quarter 2015

(May 28, 2015) - In its 1Q15 Savings Plan Data Quarterly Highlights, Strategic Insight reports that total 529 savings plan assets reached $231.9 billion in 1Q15. This is a 10.1% increase over Q1 of 2014, and a 3.4% gain over 4Q14.

Net inflows in the 1st quarter of 2015 were $3.3 billion, compared to $3.2 billion in Q1 of 2014, demonstrating that investors are successfully withdrawing 529 plan funds for qualified higher education expenses.

CSF "How Youth Plan to Fund College" Survey suggests students are being more proactive in planning for college

(May 6, 2015) - The College Savings Foundation's sixth annual "How Youth Plan to Pay for College" survey shows that 82% of students believe that it is their responsibility to pay for at least part of their higher education. This year, survey results indicate more students plan to pay for a bigger portion of college. 71% plan to pay for over 25% of college costs, which is up from 53% in 2014.

51% of respondents are also already saving for higher education, as opposed to 44% in 2014. Those who are saving are also putting more aside than in previous years.

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529 assets increase in 4Q 2014

(March 1, 2015) - Total 529 savings plan assets increased 3.3% from 3Q 2014 to 4Q 2014, according to Strategic Insight. With an estimated $224.3 billion, 529 plan assets have increased 9.7% over 4Q 2013.

Assets under management and net inflows continue to reach year-over year highs, indicating strong usage by families in saving for higher education.

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